“Throne Of Blood” (1957)

Films And Lice

By Jerome Reuter

The films of Akira Kurosawa need no introduction. They are the definitive works of Japanese cinema. Not only do the represent the nations colorful past, they have gone on to influence generations of filmmakers. From Sergio Leone to George Lucas, many owe their visual style to this gifted auteur. His unique style of editing, and long tracking shots gave his films a very unique look, that can be found in several motion pictures, even today.

It’s almost impossible to say which one of his works was his greatest. Many would lean towards Seven Samurai, which would be a logical choice. It was so well respected; it would be remade in the United States as The Magnificent Seven. It’s his 1957 film Throne Of Blood however, that stands out among the rest in his filmography.

Adapting literature to the screen is never easy. Adapting the works…

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