“The Virgin Spring” (1960)

Films And Lice


By Jerome Reuter

Lars Von Trier was once quoted as saying; “Not all of Bergman’s films were great, but all of them were good.” I couldn’t agree more. Bergman is in an elite class of auteurs, such as Fellini, Welles, Renoir, and Jodorowsky. His filming style has a depth to it, but was still easy to comprehend. It’s no surprise that two of his primary rules for filmmaking, were every shot should entertain, as well as have a purpose to the story.

Which brings me to his 1960 film, The Virgin Spring. Quite possibly, one of the darkest films he ever made. There’s a reason I’ve decided to go over this one, primarily as a comparison. Not to long ago, I took a look at The Last House On The Left. Which is hands down, Wes Craven’s greatest work. I discussed his use of contrast, between upbeat and…

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