Top Five Scenes From “Suspiria”

Films And Lice


By Jerome Reuter

Without a doubt, Suspiria is my favorite horror film of all time. There’s really nothing else like it. It’s a baroque blend of color, atmosphere, and imagery. The magnum opus of Dario Argento, and one of the high water marks of Italian horror. Here are my 5 favorite sequences, from this masterpiece.


5) The Arrival

Much like the opening to 8 1/2, the films first few moments establish the theme. From Suzy Bannion arriving at the airport, to her arriving at the school. We’re instantly swept up into a mysterious world, one that we can’t quite get a grasp on. As our Snow White steps into the rainstorm, Argento establishes one of the films central themes. She is the stranger in unfamiliar territory, whisked away into an unknown world. As the audience, we’re as puzzled as she is, upon the sight of the mysterious girl running…

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