“Buio Omega” aka “Beyond The Darkness” (1979)

Films And Lice


By Jerome Reuter

Beyond The Darkness is an exploitation film by Joe D’Amato. Like a lot of his other works, its excessive, violent, and bizarre. One of the infamous video nasties, it’s still banned in several countries, even to this day. However, this is also his finest work. It’s a strange tale of obsession, dementia, and one the strangest love triangles you’ll ever see.

The story follows a mentally unstable taxidermist named Frank. He’s just lost his wife to what appears to be a mysterious illness. In reality however, her death is the cause of supernatural forces at work. Those forces being a voodoo doll, and his obsessed housekeeper/wet nurse name Iris. Throughout the film, were reminded of Frank’s unhealthy, yet unbreakable attachment to this woman who takes control of his life. It’s definitely one of the more taboo elements with this one, and it really gives the film its gloomy…

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