“The Babadook” (2014)

Films And Lice


By Jerome Reuter

I can say with absolute certainty that  it’s been a long time since a film scared me. At my age, I’ve grown somewhat desensitized. That all changed for me after this weekend. I sat down with 2014’s The Babadook, Not only is this film scary, but it marks the  return psychology and suspense back idiot the genre . As I’ve  stated several times before, these are the two prime elements missing from modern horror.  William Friedkin has even praised this as one the scariest films he’s ever seen. If the director of The Exorcist is frightened, there must be something there.

The bulk of the film centers around a young mother and son, and a children’s book that’s  taken on a life of its own. This theme preys upon something in our subconscious memory. As children, we all had our own ‘boogie man’ that we were…

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