“Blood And Black Lace” (1964)

Films And Lice

blacklace poster

By Jerome Reuter

 Mario Bava was one of the most influential horror auteurs of all time. His 1964 Giallo film, Blood And Black Lace, is no exception. In my opinion, this one broke the mold of the traditional Giallo picture. It would even go on to be one of the largest influences on some of Dario Argento’s earliest work. The Bird With The CrystalPlumage, Deep Red, and even Suspiria owe a great deal to this one. It would even go on to inspire American filmmakers such as John Carpenter and Joe Dante.

Bava sets the stage for his masterwork in the world of fashion. Much like he would do in Hatchet For The Honeymoon, several years later. Unlike that entry however, he leaves the supernatural element completely out of the picture. Instead, he uses a story that seems more based in reality. He even paints…

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