“Tombs Of The Blind Dead” (1971)

Films And Lice

Tombs_of_the_Blind_Dead poster

By Jerome Reuter

Tombs Of The Blind Dead is the first installment in Amando De Ossorio’s “Blind Dead” series. It was released in 1971, several years before the zombie craze. It’s also responsible for the Spanish horror boom of the 1970s. It’s been over four decades since the Templars rose from their crypts, to terrify many a film goer.

The story is set around a band of ghosts, deceased members of the Knights Templar–here is one of this film’s more intriguing qualities. For centuries rumors of this old order have persisted in many forms. Tales of devil worship, forbidden rituals, and blood ceremonies  just to name a few. Adapting this to a horror film plays with our strange curiosity with the occult. Folklore and superstition have had a long history of being adapted to celluloid, here it’s the unknown history that gets its chance. Throughout the film, old fears and…

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