“Burial Ground: The Nights Of Terror” (1981)


By Jerome Reuter

Some horror films are lacking in the plot department. Sometimes, a zombie is just a zombie. There are times you want a three-course meal, and there are times you just want to skip right to dessert. That’s the best way to sum up the 1981 film Burial Ground: The Nights Of Terror. This is a film that starts with a bang, ends with bloodbath, and shoots like a loaded .45 in between. This isn’t a film with a slow boil; it gets off the ground and running within the first 10 minutes.

The story is actually pretty easy to sum up, you’ll find nothing complex here. A crypt is opened up by a archaeologist, which unleashes a vast horde of ghouls. We then cut to some jet setters at a rendezvous at the same locale. What follows is a string of intense and wonderfully entertaining kills, cannibalism, zombies utilizing weaponry, and creepy behavior from a ’10 year old’ towards his mother. I use that phrase in quotations for a reason. The boy who in this film is named Michael, he’s portrayed by a then 25 year old actor named Peter Bark. Needles to say, he doesn’t exactly fool anyone with his age.


By 1981 make up, effects, and prosthetics led to some very innovative zombies. You won’t find any of that here. One of the more memorable attributes to this film is the appearance of the ghouls. I really can’t think of a better way to describe them then ‘Halloween masks & burlap sacks.’ That’s not to say they don’t cause all of the gore, carnage, and mayhem you’d expect to see in a film such as this.


Speaking of gore, carnage, and mayhem—you’ll find plenty of that here. As I mentioned before, the pacing in this film is pretty quick, there’s little build up, just lot of blood. Some of the most interesting death scenes are found here. There’s not a lot left to the imagination. Some of the more interesting sequences include the typical zombie kill, table saw shenanigans, and a seen that would make anyone never want to think of breastfeeding again.


If you want to leave the logical world behind for 85 minutes, pop this one in the VCR. It always makes for a gore-tastic viewing experience.


2 thoughts on ““Burial Ground: The Nights Of Terror” (1981)

  1. Nice review! I made a review too on my blog MoviesTavern a couple of days ago (if you want to have a look I will be very pleased)!!! I saw a lot of zombie movies but this one is one of the worst…extremely poor…

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