“Faces Of Death” (1978)

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Faces Of Death

Contrary to what hipsters might say, the 1990’s were not a good decade. While a lot of my friends were obsessing over lackluster flicks such as ScreamThe Craft, and Blair WitchI had an unhealthy obsession of my own; the Faces Of Death Mondo series. I would watch the first four religiously, and on a weekly basis. For many of my teenage years, I believed that the segments in the film were real stock footage. I even Believed that Dr.Frances B. Gross, (actor MIchael Carr) was a real pathologist. Over the years, those involved with the film have come forward to discuss which segments were staged, as well as several actors revealing their role in the film. I’m not going to lie, for me some of the magic is still there. It certainly deserves the cult status it’s achieved over the years.

Filmed in a documentary style…

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