“Elsa: Fraulein SS” aka “Fraulein Kitty” (1977)


By Jerome Reuter

Elsa: Fraulein SS is a 1977 French Nazi Sploitation film. Truth be told, it’s one of the tamer entries in the subgenre. That’s not to say it doesn’t have a fair amount of sadism, explicit sex, and debauchery. You’ll certainly find that with this one. I say it’s tame, because the imagery isn’t excessively graphic. It’s nothing you wouldn’t find on Cinemax in the early 90’s.

Much like many other lesser-known entries in this subgenre, it borrows heavily from previously released titles. During this time period, it wasn’t what film you wanted to make, but what film you wanted to rip off. It was the golden age of exploitation. Based on the title alone, one might assume that this is a blatant copy of Ilsa, She Wolf Of The SS. However, this one borrows a lot of tropes from Salon Kitty, much like Bruno Mattei’s SS Girls. It also bears a very strong resemblance to another film entitled Helltrain, released  the exact same year.

So here’s the story. A prostitute named Elsa is given the command of a train, and several kinky German prostitutes. Their mission is to coax information out of would be traitors to the Third Reich through sex. This is one of more common plots you’ll see in  films such as this. As I mentioned before, this was the main theme in Salon Kitty— Setting up a brothel with hidden microphones to illicit confessions during the throes of passion.If a formula works great one time, it’s certainly worth repeating.


Which brings me to the character of Elsa herself. She’s based heavily on the Ilsa character, just not as memorable. Malisa Longo stars in the title role, and would go on to do another cheap copycat, Helga, She Wolf Of Spilberg. (Great original title by the way.)


Getting information from your captives might require some torture; here it might as well have come with a PG-13 rating. The sequences display a level of sadism, but one that won’t make you cringe. If you like whips, stock footage, and scantily clad vixens, then this one has your name all over it. if you’re new to this sub genre, this might be a good place to start if you cringe easily.


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