“Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer” (1985)

Films And Lice


By Jerome Reuter

Three films come to mind whenever I think of an actors performance making a horror film. The first two I’ve previously taken a look at at, Joe Spinell in Maniac, and Robert Mitchum in The Night Of The Hunter. The third of this unholy trio  is a no-brainer: Michael Rooker in Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer. Although there were some liberties taken with the facts of the life of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, Rooker’s performance is what makes the film downright hilling at times. It also gives us a realistic view into the mind of a psychopath.

Although the film is claimed to have been inspired by Lucas’ fantasies and confessions. I honestly feel it’s not to far off from reality.This is one of the many elements of this film that make it so memorable. Unlike the slasher craze of the mid 80’s, the…

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