“Haxan:Witchcraft Through The Ages” (1922)

Films And Lice


By Jerome Reuter

Though it’s time has long since past, the silent film era remains the single most influential period in film history. Many precedents would be set for the future of all films to come. D.W. Griffith proved elaborate long spanning narrative films could be possible. Jon Cocteau would apply the mechanics of poetry to celluloid . F.W. Murnau and Fritz lang would usher in the era of the expressionist film. Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton would make the world laugh with the comedy picture. Early scream legend Lon Chaney would scare audiences worldwide, with his creative use of make up techniques. Not to mention, Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein would pioneer the techniques of editing and montage, that are still un use today.

My personal favorite of the old silent films is Haxan:Witchcraft Through The Ages, released in 1922. Directed by Danish filmmaker Benjamin Christensen, it’s absoultely amazing…

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