Why “Martyrs” Shouldn’t Be Remade

Films And Lice


Here we are in 2015, and the remake train keeps on a’ rolling. It seems everything is getting remade, from Plan 9 From Outer Space, to Audition. It seems nothing is off limits in this day and age. Earlier last year, it was announced that a remake of Martyrs was in the works. Aside from remaking a film released only a few years earlier in 2008, it was also stated the film would have a more positive ending than the original. As you can imagine, I’m not to thrilled at this prospect.

First of all, Martyrs is a film that in my opinion, set a new standard for horror. Within the first two acts it successfully shifted themes several times. It combined elements of found footage, home invasion, extreme torture as well as keeping the audience unaware of what was really happening. Is the bizarre creature real, or…

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