“Terror At The Opera” (1987)

Films And Lice


If Cannibal Holocaust is a film that comments on the the American media, and the continuation of Manifest Destiny ;Than  Terror At The Opera is “art imitating life.”

Dario Argento’s 1987 film is a prime example of this, I also consider it his final “Good” film,. It’s a unique blend of Giallo and Horror that he had used in films such as Tenebrae and Deep Red. Visually striking, and exceptionally well filmed.

The film centers around Betty, who reluctantly takes the lead in an avante-garde Operatic version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. A play that many actors consider to be cursed. Most actors who accept a role in the play don’t even refer to it by name, they simply refer to it as ‘That Scottish Play.’ It’s been documented that when Argento expressed interest in directing an Opera in the mid 80’s, he was turned down emphatically.

Here’s where the…

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