Trailer Review: “Violent Shit: The Movie” (2015)

When I first heard of a remake of Violent Shit, I rolled my eyes. The infamous low budget splatter series, of German filmmaker Andreas Schnass, need no introduction. So, why a remake? Is everyone out of ideas? I’ve seen the films villain, Karl the butcher shitter, do just about everything. From crawl into the corpse of Jesus Christ, to commit murder on a widespread scale. Besides, remakes rarely deliver, so I wasn’t to pleased at this prospect. Also, this would be the first time Schnass wouldn’t be directing, who else could fill that void? The films themselves are a running gag, due to Schnass’ mother complaining he only made ‘violent shit.’

My apathy towards remakes notwithstanding, the official trailer was released a few months ago. After giving it a watch, I’m actually looking forward to this one. It was made in Rome, in cooperation with Schnass’ production company, Reel Gore productions. It doesn’t seem so much a remake, but a brand new face to the franchise. Unlike it’s predecessors, where the butcher is the sole perpetrator, there seem to be larger forces at work. Karl seems to be a cog in a killing machine, and not just a psychopath on a rampage. This modern adaptation, even abandons Schnass’ trademark shot on VHS look, for something with higher definition. The gore effects also seem to have come a long way, since organs that had the appearance of chewed up bubble gum. After all, the first installment was 19 years ago.

The cast itself, is any Italian horror fans wet dream. Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Luigi Cozzi, Barbera Magnolfi (Olga from Suspiria), and even a cameo from Schnass himself. To top it all off, a soundtrack composed by Claudio Simonetti & Goblin.

This looks like a feast for hardcore fans of Schnass, and cult horror films. I can’t wait to see the madness.

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