Trailer Review: “Maximum Overdrive” (1986)

Stephen King, his name has become synonymous with American horror. His books have become legendary. Several of the films they’re based on, are now cult classics. Filmmakers such as  David Cronenberg, John Carpenter and Stanley Kubrick, have all made incredible adaptations. So what happens when the writer of the source material decides to direct? You get the 1986 film, Maximum Overdrive.

On the surface, this seems like an instant hit. A story about machines coming to life, hunting down their human masters. Add a soundtrack from AC/DC to the equation, and it seems like we’re in business. However, if you’ve sat down with this one, you’re also familiar with the end results. This isn’t so much a horror film, as it is a enjoyable B action movie. For what it’s worth, it’s always fun to watch.

Much like Hitchcock’s trailer for Psycho, it’s hosted by King himself. He introduces himself, and explains that “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” We’re treated to some of the more memorable scenes, including killer soda machines, steam rollers, semi trucks come to life, and rednecks with rocket launchers.

Comparing it to the film, this trailer is somewhat misleading. It makes the viewer believe they’re in for a thrill ride of shock and suspense. Someone watching this can’t help but want to go see this in a theatre. After all, America’s most famous horror writer doing his first film? What could possibly go wrong? King even concludes this two minute teaser, by promising he’s going to “scare the hell out of you.”

I’m not scared Mr.King, but I’ve very entertained.


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