“Death Bed: The Bed That Eats” (1977)


In the horror films I’ve taken a look at, there have been all kinds of villains. Every type of adversary imaginable, from zombies, secret societies, and even a cleaver wielding serial killer named Karl, the butcher shitter. This one however, might be the most bizarre. A flesh devouring bed, possessed by a demon. That’s the evil force of 1977’s Death Bed:The Bed That Eats. A low budget, avant-garde picture, at times verging on the utterly ridiculous. An essential for any fan of cult horror. Although it certainly has that schlock element, as do most films of this nature possess, it also at times contains elements of art-house.

The basis of the story is pretty easy to explain. The bed, possessed by a demon comes alive every 10 years to feed. How does an inanimate object feed upon the living, you may ask? By releasing a strange yellow slime that devours flesh, much like acid. Then pulling them down into a watery grave.


The film is told within four chapters, the first three being Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Each of these short sub plots involve unlucky guests, who have stayed for the night only to end up being victimized. While these sub plots have little to do with one another (except for the bed, of course), they’re displayed in a fashion one might expect in an art house film from around this time. At times it seems odd, but it also somewhat fits. It also greatly clashes with the death scenes at the end of each vignette. Which is another one of the elements that makes this film as enjoyable as it is. The fourth chapter, and also the conclusion for the film in entitled ‘just desserts,’ when the bed is finally vanquished.

My take on this film? Although it is your typical bad 70s film, it also blends the world of art, and the world of horror quite well. It’s not an artistic masterpiece, but it has its merits. Unfortunately, its flaws far outweigh said merits.


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