Is the trailer for “Psycho” the greatest one ever made?


By Jerome Reuter

In this day and age, the theatrical trailer is sometimes better than the film itself. A lot of directors include only the scenes, sequences, and lines of dialogue they know will sell tickets. For Christmas last year, a good friend of mine got me the new Blu-Ray edition of Psycho. Full of a lot of features, such interviews with the original cast, screenwriter, cameramen. It even featured interviews with Clive Barker and John Carpenter.

However, it was the original trailer from 1960 that really caught my eye. It’s one thing to give a little bit of the general plot away. It’s another to completely taunt your audience,  which is exactly what Hitchcock does. He takes his camera around the house, and Bates motel for a guided tour. At times coming close to giving away the pieces of the puzzle, but not entirely.  In his dry and droll British wit, he piques the interest of anyone who might be watching, to go see the film.

For 6 whole minutes Hitchcock reels us in hook, line, and sinker. Spend the next six minutes of your life by watching.You just might feel the need to go give this film a second viewing. If nothing else, you might also develop a new fear of the shower.


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