“Troll 2” (1990)


In recent years, this film has achieved somewhat of a die hard following.It’s considered by many to be one of the worst films of all time.But is Claudio Fragasso’s 1990 film Troll 2 as bad as some make it out to be? Theres no doubt of one fact.It’s a bad movie, and yet widely enjoyable.It follows in that tradition of Gymkata,Woodchipper Massacre, or Tales From The Quadead Zone.But what are the factors behind this film that make it such a lovable train wreck? Lets find out.

First let’s take a look at the director.Claudio Fragasso is without a doubt a master of B-grade bad filmmaking.He worked very closely with Bruno Mattei on some of his more well known films such as Hell Of The Living Dead,Rats,Shocking Dark and Women’s Prison Massacre.As I’ve stated in previous reviews, he’s also partly responsible for the massive farce that is known as Zombie 3.Although I feel to get a full view of Fergassos’s filming techniques, (or lack thereof) the film to sit down with is Zombie 4:After Death.Everything is right there, the borrowed scenes and cliches from Dawn Of The Dead and Zombie.As well as Fragasso’s trademark “Fuck You” ending, and the ending for this one is no exception.

The producer for the film in question is one Joe D’Amato.His forte was the low budget smut-exploitation film.His most memorable works include Porno Holocaust and Caligula:The Untold Story, as well as horror films such as Anthropophagus.So we have a real dream team working together on this one.At the helm of costume design  for the trolls,Which resemble cheap halloween masks and old burlap potato sacks.Another familiar face from the Italian exploitation era ; Laura Gemser who spent much of her time naked in front of the camera in the Emanuele film franchise in the title roll.

So we have our staff, now here’s what most people, including myself enjoy the most about this film.The poorly written dialogue.And line readings that are either delivered completely over the top or so devoid of emotion, one wonders if a kindergarden drama production could do a better job.There is a reason for that major debacle.Fergasso wrote the script with his wife.They wrote a script for a film that would take place in America….and they didn’t speak a word of English.Fragasso insisted his cast speak every word as it was written, despite the actors objections.To top it off, most of the actors cast in the film had no previous experience so naturally this was somewhat doomed from the start.But in all honesty, that is the fun of it.You don’t sit down with a horror film for the acting.And in this case acting is the absolute last thing you should expect.

If you’re like me and have seen this film, in my case quite a few times.You have your own reasons why you enjoy it, or absolutely despise it.Either way, it goes without saying; Claudio Fragasso owes this film to getting a second life in terms of notoriety.Don’t believe me? A documentary was released a few years back entitled Best Worst Movie.You get the back story of the film, as well as interviews from Fragasso and most of the cast.Not to mention see just how huge the phenomenon of Troll 2 has become.


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