“Violent Shit” (1989)


I have a soft spot in my heart for German director Andreas Schnass. His films are low budget, mostly shot on VHS and have special effects that look about as convincing as someone melting a red crayon on a sidewalk and calling it blood.In recent years he’s honed his skills and began using more realistic effects, But it’s his first film that he will always be known for.1989’s Violent Shit.The first in a sequence of four films about a deranged killer aptly named Karl, the Butcher Shitter.

I’m going to be completely honest; It’s a bad film.There’s even less plot here than in a product you’d see from Umberto Lenzi or even Uwe Boll.They key difference between Schnass and Boll is simple. Schnass’ films are actually entertaining.I mean yes they’re poorly made, but you don’t watch something like this when you want uplifting drama.Ypu watch them when you want to see someone crawl into the dismembered corpse of Jesus and give birth to a son.

During the 1980’s the world was literally flooded with half-baked serious attempts at Slasher films.In America, Their seemed to be a never ending supply of attractive teenagers to get bumped off There also was a brand new format that would give a lot of horror films widespread distribution, The advent of VHS and home theatre.And furthermore a lot of low budget filmmakers would turn to making films with camcorders to avoid the high cost of film stocks.This would introduce the world to the “Shot-On-Shitteo” trend.

I’ll focus on the plot somewhat, But their really isn’t much of one.A young boy naked Karl is beaten by his abusive mother after returning home late.He immediately takes revenge on her with the help of a meat cleaver, The Butcher Shitter’s trademark weapon.Flash forward to sometime in the future, And Karl escapes from a police van holding him prisoner.He then spends much of the film taking down several victims.Mutilating them  and in some instances eating their remains.Now, this is what makes this film so entertaining.The blood effects are so bad they don’t even look like blood.It looks like someone took chewed up bubble tape and mixed it with water.So while Schnass’ attempted to create shocking murder scenes they just come across as being very silly.For some of the human organs he even filled pink balloons with discarded meat.

Visually the film is somewhat inventive, A lot of post production VHS editing with dissolution effects.Not much of a soundtrack except for a synth track that sounds like it was done on a cheap 20 dollar Casio keyboard.And of course lifted music including “Red,Red Wine” by UB40 and “The Torture Never Stops” by WASP.

The misadventures of Karl continued through 3 more sequels.Violent Shit 2:Mother Hold My Hand (1992),Violent Shit III:Infantry Of Doom (1999) which had some of the most entertainingly bad dubbing I’ve ever heard.And the conclusion of the saga Violent Shit IV: Karl The Butcher vs. Axe.The final installment I was somewhat disappointed in, It was gory, but didn’t have the appeal of the first 3.

Earlier last year it was announced that a remake of this film was in production and set for a release date somewhere in 2015.This is one remake that I honestly don’t see a need for.The original is just a fun slasher film.Trying to make a serious horror film about a killer nicknamed the “Butcher Shitter” is somewhat of a lost cause.However, it will feature Italian actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice. Who even though he hates horror films and was once quoted as saying “I don’t understand why anyone watches them.”Has been the perennial victim many times.After getting castrated in Cannibal Ferox, and having a drill ran through his head in City Of The Living Dead, it will be interesting fate fe falls victim to this time.

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