“Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2” (1987)


I don’t even know where to begin with this one.This film is literally every cliche from a typical 1980’s American slasher flick.Albeit, with a lot of hilarity.The sequel to the “Controversial” 1984 flick “Silent Night,Deadly Night”, And I use the term controversial very loosely.It gained a lot of notoriety due to the film being protested heavily.It seems a lot of bored midwestern parents didn’t take to kindly to a slasher film featuring someone dressed like jolly old Saint Nick.In a lot of protests children were dragged along to cry chants of “We Love Santa!”, And considering some of the other exploitation and horror films being released around this time period, I’m just going to chalk this up to the paranoia of the bible belt.Nevertheless, The film had an impressive run on home video and so naturally, a sequel was warranted.

Now when I use the term “sequel”, that’s another word I have to use loosely.Because most of the film is made up of stock footage from the first one, But told in flashbacks told by the brother of the killer from the first film,Played by Eric Freeman.It’s a well documented fact that the original plan for the film was a re-release of the first installment with Freeman’s character giving narration.At some point someone said “Hey lets make a sequel!”

Which bring me to Mr.Freeman, And his performance.The term “vicious over acting”, would be an understatement.No exaggeration, He overacts every line, every scene and even his eyebrows go up and down more than the stock market.All in all, Its half of what I love about this movie, It’s like going to see your cousin who can’t act in a school play.You know every line of dialogue is going to be over the top and utterly ridiculous.But lets face it, You don’t watch a movie like this for riveting performances, You watch it to be entertained.

This is on par with such films as “Troll 2”, “Basket Case”,”Alice Sweet Alice” and “Return Of The Living Dead.”When you don’t want to think deep thoughts for about an hour and a half, that’s when you throw this on.I own the first 2, and always enjoy showing it to someone who’s never seen it.

And seeing this is the holiday season, here’s a clip for all of you to enjoy;


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