Just how shitfaced IS Peter O’Toole?

If I told you there was a saga of epic proportions about ancient Rome starring Sir John Gielgud and Hellen Mirren, that might spark any film buff’s interest….the downside, It’s Caligula. I’m certain many of you have heard of and seen this movie, Bob Guccione’s smut-exploitation film featuring Shakespearean actors, about the Reign of the third Roman emperor.

One of the best things about this movie for me however, Is seeing how Drunk Peter O’Toole is on set. He’s a long way from his performance in Lawrence of Arabia at this point. Just watch the clip below, it’s astonishing he can even stand up.

Ironically, His wife at the time Sian Phillips, who you might remember from Clash Of The Titans also appeared in a better received adaptation of Ancient Rome, The highly renowned BBC Mini Series “I, Claudius”


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